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Eliet E450 Aerator Scarifier

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The working width of the Eliet E450 aerator scarifier makes it an ideal for medium-sized gardens.

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Its robust design prevents premature wear. Armed with a set of our patented Permanently Sharp Blades™, this scarifier can be proud of its extreme longevity. choice of either a 5HP Honda GC160 or more powerful GX160 engine.


Robust Frame

The performance of this de-thatching machine is often tested in many common applications, for example, when it is rented. Its robust construction is then also a guarantee for its durability. The blade shaft is located within a thick steel housing in order to protect bystanders from any flying chippings.

Vertical Belt Tension

Problem-free operation was the point of departure for developing the vertical belt tension. Thanks to this system, the belt retains its natural shape even when it is operating. This virtually eliminates wear on the belt, thus significantly extending its operating life.

Infinitely Variable Height Adjustment

The working depth is typically 2 mm. At this speed, virtually no braking is applied to the blades so that they can operate at full speed and lift up moss and thatch from the lawn surface. As the blades do not cut through the roots, this greatly reduces the time required by the lawn to recover after de-thatching. Accurate and correct depth setting implies a very fine adjustable depth adjustment. To this end, the front wheels of the Eliet E450 feature an infinitely variable adjustment. This enables the same depth to be set across the entire blade shaft.

Rear Wheels Depth Adjustment

Eliet guarantees that the Permanently Sharp Blades™ are not worn down, even after operating for more than 100 hours. The depth adjustment on the front wheels is inadequate to fully wear down the entire length of the blade. The Eliet E450 scarifier therefore also has a rear wheels depth adjustment.

Aluminium Wheels

Work comfort means that you perform the work with a minimum of effort. In this respect, Eliet pamper the operator of the E501 PRO. Large wheels with light aluminium rims running on tyres with a supple natural rubber tread ensure that this machine glides across the lawn. Each wheel is equipped with two large-size ball bearings. These heavy duty wheels are able to withstand the dusty conditions in which these machines have to operate. The wide wheel tread minimizes the risk of wheel rut formation on wet lawns.

Wheels and Mud Scrapers

If de-thatching takes place in the spring on a swampy lawn, the newly raked moss tends to stick to the wheels so that the machines move up and down when crossing the lawn, with this having a clearly visible effect on the result of the raking. To remedy, Eliet have fitted scrapers to the wheels of its professional de-thatching machines. Any dirt that sticks to the wheels is immediately removed from the wheels.

Rubber Deflectors

Although gardeners usually wear professional working clothing and protective footwear, Eliet do not take any risks when safety is involved. The wide rubber safety guard at the rear of the machine retains all dust, sand and any stones that are thrown up out of the ground by the blades. The deflector is suspended on a chain and passively obeys each steering command. Moreover, you can suspend the deflector at the correct height, according to the thickness of the moss layer that appears from underneath the de-thatching machine.

Choice of Honda Engines

Comes with a choice of reliable and powerful Honda engines (GC160 and GX160). The GX160 engine is slightly more powerful at 5.5HP.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Eliet
Weight (kg) 51kg
Scarifying Width 45.7 cm (18 inches)
Power Source Petrol
Power Details Select from 2 engine types
Fuel tank Capacity No
Starting Method Recoil
Other Features No
Warranty Call for details

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