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Mountfield S38 Scarifier

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Quick Overview

Mountfield Lawn Scarifiers are powerful, robust machines designed with a fully adjustable scarifying action to suit individual conditions. Powered by an easy to start, reliable 3.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine.


The Mountfield S38 scarifier is a powerful, robust machine designed with a fully adjustable scarifying action to suit individual conditions.

Controlled by a clutch system, the rotor on the Mountfield S38 lawn scarifier is fitted with sixteen double tipped carbon steel blades. Sacrifiying depth is fully adjustable to a maximum 2cm to remove thatch and aerate roots gently but effectively. The Mountfield S38 scarifier is fitted with sixteen double tipped carbon steel blades. 

Powered by an easy start Briggs & Stratton engine, this machine has a 38cm/15" working width and 45 litre capacity collection bag. It can also be used safely without the bag as a deflector covers the discharge chute.

This scarifier is a powerful, robust tool designed to take the hard work out of lawn care.

Why Scarify?

During the autumn, the grass on your lawn goes into a kind of winter hibernation. Just like all plants, this is a way for the grass to protect itself against a possible bleak wintry climate. In the spring, if the temperature increases above 12°, the grass starts growing again.

However, in the meantime, the lawn has been neglected. Residue from mowing, dead grass and roots have formed a spongy layer at the bottom of the lawn surface. This is an ideal breeding ground for fungi and germs. This layer also retains water, so that the soil remains permanently moist, with this slowing down the growth of the grass. However, moist subsoil is also an ideal biotope for moss. This results in moss, weeds and grass all competing with each other in an effort to grow. Under these adverse conditions, a common type of grass such as English rye-grass, will often find itself being oppressed.

Fast-growing weeds and moss will take all of the light away and smother the grass. It is therefore important to intervene at this time. Spraying is a very efficient way of killing the competing weeds and moss. However, the layer of dead moss still remains in the lawn, and this prevents light and air from penetrating to the grass root. Moreover, this also makes the soil more acidic. This layer must therefore be mechanically removed. This is where a scarifying machine comes into action.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Mountfield
Weight (kg) 32 Kg
Scarifying Width 38.1 cm (15 inches)
Power Source Petrol
Power Details Briggs & Stratton 550 Series 3.5hp 127 cc
Fuel tank Capacity -
Starting Method Recoil
Other Features Drive clutch
Warranty 1 year

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