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Eliet Major 4S Garden Shredder and Chipper

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Quick Overview

The Eliet Major 4S petrol shredder features a wide feed hopper which greedily swallows large volumes of various waste types. Its large easy-roll wheels let you move it easily to every corner of your garden where you can safely process larger branches and rougher garden waste. A safety screen keeps children and small pets away from the danger area.


A steel safety shield and a heavy-duty debris flap protect you from material kickback. Larger gardens mean that now and then a thicker branch will get caught up in the garden waste. If this proves too much for the Eliet Major 4S, the belt drive will absorb the any force introduced by this sudden blockage, which in turn will also extend motor life. The gearing ratio of the belt drive also increases engine torque effectively.

The Eliet Major 4S garden shredder is an appreciated tool by both the demanding private garden lover and the professional. This chipper is compact and light, which allows it to access the wood even when having to go through the smallest of rear gates. The wide feed-in opening offers great comfort when introducing tick branches with lots of twigs attached measuring up to 55 mm.

The Eliet Major 4S shredder is amazingly easy and pleasant to use. It smoothly combines a wide hopper for various types of waste with compactness and ease of use. Branches that are crooked or branches with a great deal of bushy growth, pose no difficulty. The turbine produces a suction effect sucking the chippings into the shredding chamber, and then blows them out through the 270° variable blow chute. Even when no materials are being shredded, this turbo shredding system remains in operation to prevent blockage and to constantly clear the turbine.


  • Robust Frame - Chipping is a real joy when you use a good machine. At Eliet, we do everything to ensure that you will derive this pleasure as long as possible. When you take your first look at the Eliet Major 4S, you will realize that this machine is designed to cope with rough handling. You do not have to have any concerns about the durability of the thick sheet steel frame.
  • Wide In-Feed - Unlike its smaller brother (the Minor), the Eliet Major 4S has a much wider feed-in opening. The integral guide funnel is useful for feeding several branches into the machine at the same time.
  • Razor-Sharp Blades - 20 razor-sharp blades chip all kinds of garden waste into nice chippings. Moreover, you can reverse the blades so that they last twice as long. The patented Eliet Chopping PrincipleTM ensures that the blades cut the wood in the fibre direction, which requires a lot less power than the chipping systems that are known everywhere. The blades also attain an utmost wide action field and, thus, guarantee that everything is chipped without fail before it leaves the crushing chamber.
  • Belt Drive - Everything on this professional machine is designed to have a long operating life. Eliet therefore decided to have the engine power transmitted via a belt transmission. When encountering obstacles, the impact of a sudden blockage is absorbed by the belt and not by the crankshaft of the engine. This prevents fatigue of the crankshaft that, in turn, extends the operating life of the engine.
  • Safety - Children and small pets often are curious onlookers in the garden. The safety screen, however, keeps them away from potential danger.
  • Large Wheels - Large wheels are a true comfort, in particular, when the chipper needs to be driven over unpaved paths or uneven lawns. The machine virtually does not have to be lifted in the transportation position thanks to the excellent distribution of weight, which makes it extremely easy to drive the machine all the way down any garden.
  • Eliet Chopping Principal™: Let the wood do the work - This chipper technology exploits the weakness of wood by cutting with the grain. The blades of the Eliet shredders cut into the garden waste like miniature hatchets. As a result the wood is cut with the grain. A passel of blades repeat the cycle a thousand of times a minute. The process results in uniform chips that are perfect as a mulch layer or on your compost heap

Additional Information

Manufacturer Eliet
Weight (kg) 135kg
Power Source Petrol
Power Details Honda GX270 engine
Cutting System N/A
Max. branch thickness mm 55mm

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